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Erasmus+ project meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The second meeting for the Erasmus+ project „Cultural knowledge and language competences as a means to develop the 21st century skills” (Project No.: 2018-1-HR01-KA204-047430) was held in Dubrovnik, Croatia from the 15th – 18th April 2019. The meeting organised by the project Partner “Tourism and Catering School Dubrovnik” (Croatia) was attended by representatives of all other project partners – “Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota” (Slovenia), Universitatea Sapientia din Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Pro Scientia Publica (Poland), Vyšší odborná škola, Střední průmyslová škola a Obchodní akademie Čáslav (Czechia) and Turiba University (Latvia).

Turiba University was represented by the head of the Department of Languages Prof. Dr.paed. Ineta Lūka and the secretary of the Department of Languages Evita Vecvagare.

Following a warm welcome speech by the project coordinator Hilarija Lozančić Benić (Croatia) project partners met the language teachers of “Tourism and Catering School Dubrovnik”, who shared their experience of piloting the developed project materials. The afternoon session was dedicated to the detailed analysis of the learning modules created during the first project period and partners also agreed on the necessary corrections on the project platform, as well as discussed the results of the piloting.

On the second day of the meeting the planned activities of the second project period were reviewed, after that Dr. Zsusza Ajtony (Romania) provided partners with the detailed suggestions on how to create new sub modules, as well as the necessary changes for the learning platform were elaborated.

On the last day of the project meeting the administrative issues related to the financial and technical aspects of the project – partner reports, quality reports, project dissemination reports and the project webpage were discussed. Further project deadlines were set, partners reviewed the project dissemination activities, as well as agreed upon the necessary information for submission of the project interim report. Preliminary dates were also agreed upon for the next partner meeting in Poland in September 2019.

After that the project partners visited Ston, the town situated on the cape of land connecting the Pelješac Peninsula to the mainland. Ston is known as a salt producing town and it was also an important military fort of the Ragusan Republic – its defensive walls encircles the area of 900 metres and are the second largest in the world after the Great Wall of China. Despite the military history, nowadays Ston is a small fishing town, proud of its churches, olive groves and a wonderful coastline. There are also many oyster farms here and the Ston oysters are considered one of the best in the world, the project partners also had the great opportunity to taste them.

Participants are grateful to our Croatian colleagues for the wonderful hospitality.

Further detailed information regarding the project, its objectives and outcomes can be found on the official project webpage at

Evita Vecvagare

Project team member

Secretary of Language Department

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