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Project dissemination for UK participants of PRIDE mobility program at Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota, Višja strokovna šola

On 3rd October 2019 the project was presented to participants of the EU project »»PARTNERSHIP FOR RURAL IMPROVEMENT & DEVELOPMENT IN EUROPE II – PRIDE«. Participants from the UK attended a one-week educational trip on traditional skills in Pomurje region. As traditional skills are connected to cultural heritage they had the opportunity to learn about the new project. First they were presented with the idea and the purpose of the project as well as the target groups and content. Then they were shown modules on cultural heritage prepared by project partners on the e-platform. We also watched some videos to make it more interesting. Then we looked at some of the texts and solved tasks together so that they could see the different types of them. They found the e-learning platform interesting and they loved the choice of different cultural heritage from different European countries. Also the idea of teaching the target group IT skills while learning about cultural heritage seemed very useful.