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[SAPIENTIA, ROMANIA] Dissemination workshop for BA Students majoring in Romanian Language and Literature – English Language and Literature and Universal and Compared Literature – English Language and Literature, on May 26, 2020

On May 26, 2020, a dissemination workshop was organized for a group of students attending English language teaching methodology course at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Romania. Due to the pandemic the workshop was organized online using Google Classroom and Google Meet (similarly to other courses and seminars).

Zsuzsanna Dégi, member of Sapientia team, gave a short presentation about the project (Culture and Languages for All) and its aims. As the challenges and advantages of online lessons had already been discussed during methodology seminars, the group was asked to look at the created teaching resources and materials from the perspective of teaching. We also discussed the importance of teaching culture and cultural elements and how to incorporate them into our language classes.

Students (future teachers) were given the usernames they needed in order to access the learning platform. The list of usernames together with a written step-by-step guideline was uploaded to the Classroom tasks. Students were asked to complete a module at their choice (however, I suggested trying out modules adapted or created by the Sapientia team) in Hungarian and/or English languages. Their feedback was received using an online questionnaire via Google Forms.

Students gave positive feedback especially about the topics, but also regarding the whole idea of the learning platform.

Zsuzsanna Dégi

Member of Sapientia team