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[TURIBA, LATVIA] Meeting at Livonian Culture Centre in Mazirbe, Latvia

On August 4, 2020, the project team of Turiba University visited the Livonian Cultural space as part of project dissemination and valorisation events.

The Livonian Culture Centre is located in Mazirbe, one of the 12 Livonian villages.  Mazirbe is considered the capital of Livonian culture. The Livonian Culture Centre in Mazirbe, inaugurated on August 6, 1939, is considered to be a symbol of cooperation between the Livonians and their language relatives – Estonian, Finnish and Hungarian. Since that period, the Centre (Folk House) has also become one of the most well-known Livonian symbols in Latvia and beyond. It organises many cultural events promoting Livonian traditions. The annual Liv festival has been held every year at the Livonian Culture Centre since August 1989. It is a popular festival in Latvia, where Livs and their descendants gather. The festival is popular internationally. Representatives of embassies of Finland, Estonia and Hungary attended the festival every summer. The Livonian Culture Centre offers a collection of Liv household items, the opportunity to listen to Liv language recordings, as well as in summer it is possible to enjoy traditional Liv dishes in the cafe of the Livonian Culture Centre.

The project team had a meeting with the administrator of the Livonian Cultural Centre. We introduced the administrator Ms. Poluse with our project idea and the module about Livonian cultural heritage. She gave a positive evaluation and told us about the history of the Culture Centre, the story of Livonian flag, the Livs who have preserved their language till this moment. We got the approval that our module includes in-depth information about the Livs, their traditions, language and food.

Prof. Ineta Luka

Turiba University

Project coordinator