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[TURIBA, LATVIA] Meeting with NGO ‘Ethnic Cultural Centre „Suiti”

From August 2 to 4, 2020 the project team of Turiba University visited the Suiti and Livi Cultural spaces as part of project dissemination and valorisation events. These places were selected because one of our modules is about Suiti and Livi cultural spaces.

On 3 August, 2020 we had a meeting with the NGO ‘Ethnic Cultural Centre „Suiti”. The NGO was established on 18 December, 2001 and its aim is to promote the identification of the Suiti region as an ethnic community and the preservation, protection and balanced development of the Suiti cultural and historical heritage. The NGO operates as a cultural centre and as a tourism information centre.

The NGO has also established two creative workshops – “Austuve” and “Suiti ķēķis” at 11a Skolas Street, Alsunga. In the creative workshop “Austuve” there is an active group of interested people who nurture and develop skills of making folk costumes and other textiles. In the creative workshop “Suitu ķēķis”, Suiti food masterclasses are held, nurturing the traditions of Suiti culinary heritage and promoting them to the general public.

Tourism Information Centre is located in two buildings – in the historic Alsunga Castle and in the Cultural Centre.

We visited both places, met with the director who introduced us with the peculiar Suiti culture. It was very useful information as we could experience the cultural heritage ourselves and the information will help us to improve the module more.

Prof. Ineta Luka

Turiba University

Project coordinator