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[TURIBA, LATVIA] Project Presentation at International Scientific Conference at Turiba University, Latvia

Due to technological advancement and globalization societies are changing. To survive and prosper in the unknown future a broad range of new skills and competences, often addressed as 21st century skills, are required. Critical thinking, problem solving, teamworking, intercultural communication, digital skills, innovation are just some of them. Learning requires an innovative support system to engage learners through applicable skills and knowledge, appropriate technologies, real-world connections to make learning relevant, personalized, and engaging. Inquiry-based, project-based, games-based and blended learning are helpful thereof.

On 20 – 21 April 2021, Professor Ineta Luka from Turiba University, Latvia, participated in the XXII international scientific conference “Artificial Intelligence and Green Thinking” organised by Turiba University, Latvia. Prof. Ineta Luka gave a presentation “Development of adult learners 21st century skills in culture-based blended-learning course” focussing on Project Output 1 from teachers’ and learners’ perspective. In the presentation the conference participants were introduced with the project aims, idea, content, the English language course, the platform and the course evaluation, as well as with the development of learners’ 21st century skills in it. The presentation highlighted findings attained in a survey of 227 adult learners and interviews of 10 English teachers from 6 countries, done after the course studied. The findings indicate that learners have increased their cultural knowledge, developed collaboration, information searching and processing, reading and speaking skills, whereas creativity, listening and writing skills have been developed comparatively less than other 21st century skills.