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Kick-off meeting in Riga, Latvia


A kick-off meeting was held in the capital of Latvia, in Riga, on 18-20 October 2018 for our new international  project  “Culture and languages ​​competencies as a means to develop the 21st century skills” this time focuses on adult education, with a special focus on people who, for various reasons, have difficulty access to further education . The Year 2018, marked “Our legacy connects our past and future”, is a year of European cultural heritage. The central theme of our project is an intangible cultural heritage, such as traditions, customs, dances or crafts. The specific form of this intangible heritage, typical of a given country, will use the project as a means of developing language, communication and computer literacy. As a result of the two-year cooperation of school representatives from Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and the Czech Republic, is the web learning platform that will be used for learning 10 European languages ​​and work with computers.

In Riga on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, there were 13 teachers from different places and schools of Europe hosted by Turiba University to clarify and define the structure and design of the project, its timetable and methodology. As part of the full-day program, they discussed work methods and exchanged views and experiences with different areas of education during Thursday and Friday. Part of the two-day meeting was a very successful workshop devoted to creative methods and creative thinking in the lessons prepared by prof. Dr.Sanita Madalane, director of a very successful and popular elementary school and lecturer of university courses. On Saturday, October 20th, all participants in the event headed for assignments and deadlines. The next meeting, with the presentation of the results and the ongoing evaluation of the work done on the project, is scheduled for April in Dubrovnik.

Hilarija Lozančić Benić

TUSDU  project manager


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