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Dissemination of new EU project »Culture and languages for all« at Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota, Višja strokovna šola

The dissemination seminar for the new EU project “Cultural knowledge and language competences as a means to develop the 21st century skills“ was carried out on 18 June 2019 at Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota, VSŠ. The participants were first- and second-year students of the programme »Ekonomist«. The students were informed about the new project and the e-learning platform. They were shown different modules on intangible cultural heritage prepared by all project partners. They were shown the structure and tasks of one module in more details. I also explained the evaluation process so that they could get some feedback on the work done. Together we solved some tasks and then they tried to solve some tasks on their own. The first impressions were positive. The students found the platform interesting and useful as the content of the modules gives a deeper insight of cultural heritage. They also liked the idea of improving their ICT skills, especially participants of the older generations. In general, students see the advantages of the project about improving knowledge on cultural heritage, improving ICT skills and last but not least improving social involvement when participants solve face-to-face tasks or webquests, where they have to work together.