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The project presented to the participants of International Summer School in Latvia

From July 1 to 12, 2019 Turiba University organized an international summer school „Get to know Latvia!” Its aim was to provide students from different countries of the world with the opportunity to learn the basics of the Latvian language and to learn about Latvian culture, traditions and history.

During the summer school students not only learnt the basics of the Latvian language, but also went on study trips, got to know Latvia, our traditional cuisine, music and culture. Students visited the Open-Air Museum, the traditional bakery “Lāči”, the National Library of Latvia, went on an excursion to Sigulda and got to know Riga.

The participants were the students from Georgia, Ukraine, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Turkey and Cyprus. Students represented different universities and study programs, but they were all united in their interest in different languages ​​and cultures of the world.

The English and Latvian language teacher Anda Komarovska from Turiba University introduced them with the project “Culture and Languages” – its aim and outputs. The students had a hands-on experience in a workshop using the learning platform of the project with various modules created in English. They did some of them and gave a very positive evaluation.

Prof. Ineta Luka

Latvian project team manager

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