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Participation in International Academic Conference „Education Culture Society 2019”

“Education Culture Society” is an annual international academic conference for young academics and students of social sciences, art studies and humanities. The main topics are usually problems of contemporary education related to the cultural and social change. It is a transdicpilinary and interdisciplinary conference and it seeks avoiding the sometimes unclear divisions between different branches and disciplines as well as strives to promote knowledge above all boundaries.

The conference took place in Wroclaw, Poland from 11 to 13 September 2019. In this conference there were made presentations by 69 participants from 34 academic centres – 5 Polish and 29 from other countries. There were presenters from Poland, Latvia, Slovenia, Israel, Philippines, Ireland, Hungary, India, Ukraine, Lithuania, Japan, Russia, Romania, Iran, Turkey, South Africa, Spain, and the Czech Republic.

 The conference is organised by Foundation “Pro Scientia Publica”, University of Wroclaw, Interdisciplinary Scientific Club “Variograf”.

On the first day, 11 September 2019, Dr.paed., Professor Ineta Luka from Turiba University gave a plenary speech at the conference opening session. In her lecture “Developing Adult Learners’ 21st Century Skills in a Culture-Based Language Learning Course” Prof. Ineta Luka addressed the main concepts concerning the 21st century skills focussing at those skills that are addressed in the project “Culture and Languages”. She also discussed various learning methodologies suitable for adult learning and how to develop the skills required in the unknown future. In the second part of the lecture professor introduced the project “Culture and Languages” and demonstrated the novel ways of developing those skills and competences. The plenary session presentation is accessible on: here the link to the pdf file with a presentation

On the second day, there were presentations in the conference sessions and poster presentations. Prof. Ineta Luka presented the poster “Developing Adult Learners’ 21st Century Skills in a Culture-Based Language Learning Course” on the project revealing innovative pedagogies, including design thinking tools and teachers’ accounts prior to the course piloting.

The poster is accessible here: add the link to the pdf file with the poster here

The book of abstracts may be accessed on:

Dr.paed. Ineta Luka


Turiba University, Latvia