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[ES MS, SLOVENIA] Module piloting at Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota, Višja strokovna šola

In the first half of October 2020 second year students of the program economist took part in the module piloting on our e-platform.

Full-time students carried out the piloting of the materials. Firstly, I presented them the project and the e-platform. I also explained the purpose of the testing. Then I showed them some tasks and how to solve them. I asked them to test at least one module in Slovenian and then other languages as well if they wanted to. They all did at least one module in Slovenian but also tried modules in Croatian, German or English. Most of them tried the English version as well. 10 students took part in the piloting.

Most of the students liked the modules and tasks. They preferred reading and vocabulary tasks so they could test their knowledge. They explained they had learned the most by doing these tasks. They were not really enthusiastic about F2F or pair/group work. The main reason was they would have to look up information on the internet. They said it was not interesting anymore because they would do it every day, either for themselves or for school. Still, they liked the idea of learning something new about similar or other cultures. And they were aware of the meaning and the importance of cultural heritage for any nation, which I thought was very important. Young people tend not to mind about such things. They gave more detailed opinions in the questionnaires.

Erna Vöröš

Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota

Project manager